Navigation is about adapting to surrounding elements – the wind, current, and drift – all of which are energy-consuming factors. By choosing to navigate with BlueNav, the user benefits from an integrated solution and a wealth of connected services.

Integrated connected solution

BlueNav’s electric navigation solutions come equipped with an intelligent eco-piloting interface that guides users in their maritime journey.

The Human-Machine Interface (HMI) analyzes real-time data such as current, position and speed, offering the pilot insights on energy consumption and tips for performance optimization.

The HMI integrates algorithms that use pictograms and color codes to encourage environmentally responsible behavior for the benefit of all. It is composed of different modules and a server to retrieve and display information from an NMEA2000 bus, such as motor, battery or environmental information.

Highly ergonomic, it easily adapts to the needs of each user and offers a new pleasure of navigation.

Upcoming navigation services


Maintain your course effortlessly while fully immersing yourself in the present moment

Autonomous navigation

This mode makes informed steering decisions based on real-time environmental and underwater topographical analysis

Virtual anchor (DPS)

Securely hold your boat in position using GPS with a single click, without damaging the seafloor

Fishing assistance (DVS)

Drift fish while keeping a steady course on desired water depths