BlueNav has designed and developed the HMI: Connected Human-Machine Interface that accompanies the pilot in the energy optimization of the electric motors BlueSpin, BlueDrive and BlueSail.

The HMI takes into account the physical data of current position and speed and assists the pilot through an incentive and user-friendly interface.

It integrates algorithms that allow, by means of pictograms, colors, and other graphic effects, to adopt an eco-responsible behavior. It is composed of different modules and a server to retrieve and display the information from a NMEA2000 bus, including engine, battery, and environmental information.

Beyond the significant advantages of an electric motorization (user-friendliness, silence, and respect for the environment), the HMI introduces a new way of navigation. Its functionalities will contribute to the adoption of new behaviors, for the benefit of all.

Very ergonomic, it adapts easily to the to the needs of everyone.