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Yachting ventures: “BlueNav secures a €1.3M seed round”

BlueNav, the first French developer of hybrid engines solutions for boats announces it has raised €1.3 million in seed funding. This round heralds the…”

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DeAntonioYachts: “Introducing the new D28 Formentor e-HYBRID”

“The collaboration between De Antonio Yachts and Cupra continues with the presentation of the new D28 Formentor e-HYBRID, which integrates…”

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SETLIST2022: “A Quick Overview of the SET100 List of 2022

“The SET100 is a selection of the 100 best innovations from the SET Award application phase, which features 5 different categories, including: Clean Energy Generation…”

Lire la suite : “Retractable electric motor simplifies hybrid boat conversion”

“The BlueNav Bluespin system is a fast and simple solution for hybrid boat conversion. A retractable electric motor, easily adapted to any boat, allows the pilot to switch from fossil fuel…”

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Yachting: “Bluespin Retractable Motors Have Hybrid Propulsion”

“BlueNav’s BlueSpin retractable motors are electric drives that fit aboard vessels with outboard engines. They give owners a hybrid propulsion system that uses…”

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Marineindustrynews: “De Antonio Yachts launches its new e-hybrid”

“De Antonio Yachts and Cupra have launched their new D28 Formentor e-hybrid, continuing their collaboration. This design integrates two 15kw retractable…”

Lire la suite “BlueNav electric motor Metstrade 2021”

“The BlueNav Bluespin electric propulsion system is a clever invention that for now will help us transition from the ICE age to the Electric Age which is probably a decade or so away…”

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Plugboats : “Guide to METSTRADE 2021 electric boats exhibitors”

“(…)BlueNav of France has developed the BlueSpin line of retractable turbines that combine electric motors with fossil fuel in a hybrid system where the boat can cruise under ICE power…”

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Nauticmag: “De Antonio Yachts launches its new e-hybrid”

“This design integrates two 15kw retractable electric motors in the powertrain developed by BlueNav, which, together with the 400hp Mercury…”

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FloatMagazine: “Motoren des Fortschritts — elektro-bootsmotoren”

“Es war einmal … der Propeller. Vor rund 200 Jahren erfunden, musste er seine wirtschaftliche Überlegenheit gegenüber Segeln und Schaufelrädern erst beweisen…”

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Metstrade : “Dame announcement : award’s jury finds plenty…”

“Following a long-awaited return to the Jury Room, METSTRADE, the organisers of the world-renowned DAME Awards, is pleased to announce that 53 products from a total field of 103…”

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