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SETLIST2022: “A Quick Overview of the SET100 List of 2022

“The SET100 is a selection of the 100 best innovations from the SET Award application phase, which features 5 different categories, including: Clean Energy Generation…”

Lire la suite : “Retractable electric motor simplifies hybrid boat conversion”

“The BlueNav Bluespin system is a fast and simple solution for hybrid boat conversion. A retractable electric motor, easily adapted to any boat, allows the pilot to switch from fossil fuel…”

Lire la suite “BlueNav electric motor Metstrade 2021”

“The BlueNav Bluespin electric propulsion system is a clever invention that for now will help us transition from the ICE age to the Electric Age which is probably a decade or so away…”

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Plugboats : “Guide to METSTRADE 2021 electric boats exhibitors”

“(…)BlueNav of France has developed the BlueSpin line of retractable turbines that combine electric motors with fossil fuel in a hybrid system where the boat can cruise under ICE power…”

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FloatMagazine: “Motoren des Fortschritts — elektro-bootsmotoren”

“Es war einmal … der Propeller. Vor rund 200 Jahren erfunden, musste er seine wirtschaftliche Überlegenheit gegenüber Segeln und Schaufelrädern erst beweisen…”

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Metstrade : “Dame announcement : award’s jury finds plenty…”

“Following a long-awaited return to the Jury Room, METSTRADE, the organisers of the world-renowned DAME Awards, is pleased to announce that 53 products from a total field of 103…”

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