“BlueSpin offers a progressive and transitional approach to boat electrification. Our ambition is to participate in the evolution of boating for a better future,” said Hervé FROUIN, founder of BlueNav.
“We bring a concrete response to the challenges of energy transition in the industry by providing an alternative solution both for manufacturers and refit professionals.”

Located in the Port of Arcachon, the Blue Team is composed of engineers, technicians and all support functions determined to bring the silent revolution to mariners and focus on what matters.

With an engineering office, an innovation lab and its own manufacturing workshops, BlueNav has developed a complete ecosystem around clean energy and propulsion. She is committed to meeting the challenge of user-friendly and environmentally friendly mobility.

BlueNav is supported by a network of integrators and architects throughout Europe.


BlueNav develops motorization solutions that convert any boat normally propelled by combustion engines, into a hybrid electric boat.

The technology – named BlueSpin – is a powerful electric engine that is foldable, compact and light, thrusts at 360 degrees, and can be installed in both newbuild boats and as a retrofit option. BlueSpin is connected to an integrated navigation system that allows energy optimization scenarios when using the engines (”eco-piloting”). BlueSpin allows the user to keep the advantages of the original combustion engine on hand, while availing of the clean and silent navigation provided by the electric engine. All this, without having to modify the essential elements of the boat’s structure.

It exists in several propulsion ranges (from 15 to 50kW) and is available in 3 integrations to fit all types of boats.